Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Beauty Way" on The Bookstore Shelf

Fascinating! As they say, location, location, location! It is everything. So, it is that at Barnes and Noble in Aventura, I am naturally and strategically placed right next to Salman Rushdie and just below Philip Roth in the literary section! I thought about that yesterday and was very thankful that my last name does not start with something obscure like "Y" or "Z." I'm just posting a few photos here because I am so very happy to see "Beauty Way" published by Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, on the shelf and at the very places I like to hang out. This Friday, the book arrives at Books & Books in Miami Beach, so all my beach friends will be able to have a look, while having lunch in the shop's outdoor cafe right on Lincoln Road. It is also now on the shelf at the gorgeous and well-stocked History Miami, downtown at Government Center. As they say, we're on our way!
Top photo: "Beauty Way" shelved alphabetically under "Rush" in literature section of Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Aventura, Florida Bottom photo:"Beauty Way" at History Miami's bookstore. Standing is Susan Garcia, manager