Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Canoeing Fisheating Creek For Beauty And Peace

The morning we headed for Fisheating Creek in Palmdale, Florida, we were well aware of the impending blizzard heading for the Northeast. We also knew the forecast area for our canoe trip called for morning showers and then high winds as a cold front was rapidly approaching. Well, adventurers we are, so nothing was gonna stop us. Usually, this attitude gets us into big trouble, but this time, no! The rains came through around breakfast time and got heavier as we drove from Clewiston to Palmdale, but then, as we approached the campground, the magical sunshine appeared. It was bright and beautiful, most conducive for this photographer and the breeze only served to make gorgeous flowing patterns in the red and orange,tannin tinted sand under the shallow waters. They say that a tribe called the Belle Glade Indians lived here 3000 years ago. There are mounds here still and pottery shards occasionally rise in erosions around the cypress trees. We are Bette, Alex and Brian, contemporary travelers in these fisheating waters, whose name is a translation of something ancient, tribal and much harder to pronounce. Peace, beauty, contemplation are just some of the words to describe this gorgeous wilderness.No need for descriptions of these photos. Our faces tell the story.