Friday, July 19, 2013

Finding Blizzard Rocks At Crystal Mountain

Rockhounding always takes on new excitement when you are introduced to a mineral site that you never knew existed. Sometimes you come upon a discovery of your own as we did the green obsidian and the Wyoming citrine a few years back. At other times, you get really lucky when your good friend George Putnam brings you to his claim and treats you to the time of your life! Crystal Mountain, not its real name, is a Wyoming treasure, that sits close by the Teton and Wind River Mountains, and from atop you get a view of the Wyoming ranges in all their wonder. Perhaps, otherwordliness is a better way to describe the scene. You also look down and see quartz and calcite sparkling all over, which is particularly blinding down the steep ledges that are definitely worth navigating. George calls these treasures "blizzard" rocks. Brian and I were like kids in a toy store and George enjoyed an excitement he is well familiar with. He's had a rock and fossil shop in Kemmerer, Wyoming and has taken so many groups to dig for the fossil fish that has made that area of Wyoming so famous and popular. I call George the rockhound "extra extraordinaire." Well, I'm not going to give details on how to get there, but I will tell you that a 4-wheeler is needed to get up the steep road cut that takes you to the top. And, I'm posting photos!