Thursday, October 14, 2010

Plug for The Red Nation Society

I don't ordinarily do this; in fact, I have never done this before, but here I go singing the praises of The Red Nation Society!

I joined this tribal, or as some would have it, "Native American" community about two years ago at the invitation of owner Calvin Tatsey "Big Gun Sees Good." He is a Blackfoot Indian from Montana who sought and successfully managed to create a genuine ever-growing tribal community on the internet. His goal was to have a site where tribal people and those with tribal beliefs could flourish, have discussion groups about tribal concerns and interests, get to meet those with similar interests and create genuine friendships.

My hope when I joined was to learn more about natural medicines, the type of subject I had been exploring and writing about in magazines for many years. I had learned a lot from my adopted Navajo family and Chinese practitioners, but there is always so much more to know. After a year had passed, I asked Calvin if I could start a natural medicine group on the site and he gave me the confidence to go ahead. Our group began to attract so many experts in the fields of organics and herbs, that I was starting to feel like a layman, but I was making so many friends and we were really starting to make a difference in the lives of others.

While I was away in New Mexico this spring, Calvin had a vision about me, and as a result of that vision, he gave me the name "Medicine Star." I have several Navajo names given to me by Shizhee Billie that are quite beautiful, but this one was unexpected. It is a name that I am constantly striving to live up to.

Natural medicine is the way and the future and I am now living it more than ever. Last Thursday, I had a severe bleeding episode that forced me to go for a unit of plasma at Mt. Sinai Hospital here in Miami Beach. Arriving in a weakened condition, it was fortunate that I still had my senses to refuse the flu and pneumonia vaccines and other contemporary, invasive diagnostic processes and high powered x-rays. It was not easy getting a discharge the same day even though the results from those tests I did allow, did not warrant a stay. I also found it fascinating that every nurse I encountered seemed to be following alternative medicines and were more than sympathetic to my cause.

The website for The Red Nation Society is
It is the only true tribal site that I know of. It will help you grow into the person you want to be, a good, honest,intelligent human who cares about others who are just like you.

Shameless plug completed!