Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Old West in Music, Books and Gold

Every spring in little drips come those email feelers from my Western friends. Never a question as to whether I'm coming out there to the great deserts and mountains but just hints as to what I've been missing the rest of the year living down here in the swamps.
A couple of weeks ago, I found out that Blue Star and his friend are getting into gold prospecting, an obvious intriguing possibility for this rockhound who has never done it.
"Hey, can I come out there with you guys?"
"Sure, you can!"
I was praying for that answer. I love the feel of Wyoming and getting into Blue Star's mountains at Wind River should be a special treat, even if we find nothing.

It's been such a long time rockhounding now that you would think the thrill would be tempered and seasoned by years of doing the same, but just give me a visual of rocky mountain terrain or the cracked desert floor and the imagination takes flight. A special joy is an email from Blue Star or Jeannie or Kate or Charlie because they belong to that terrain and I can picture them in beauty there, hiking old forests and mesas, taking in New Mexico sunsets,selling Dineh silver. And there was an added serendipitous thrill-a photo of me smack dab in my element, seeking out pecos diamonds in the Roswell hills, right on the contributor page of Ocean Drive Espanol magazine. Yes, that was really me in my Royal Robbins trail vest and flannel shirt gracing the glamour pages of Ocean Drive!

To update you on one grand success I previously predicted(no "I told you so" here-Not my nature!):

Robert Mirabal's CD "Pueblo Christmas" has been nominated for 5 Nammys. Added to this, his brand new CD "In the Blood", his biggest rocker since "Mirabal",(watch this prediction)will be the most talked about album of his career.The CD cover by itself is a masterpiece. It will be released on May 15th. Robert's manager Drew emailed requesting that I get friends and family to put in a vote for Robert in the categories of flutist, historical, male singer, record of the year and producer. Easy to do since there is no better Native performer anyway. Please check in at and cast your vote for Robert!

For copies of the "In the Blood" CD and info about Robert's tour, please email me at